Opening the doors for small businesses when seeking capital

Whether it is a loan from a bank, money from the local community, or pitching to sophisticated investors, your business needs to find the best terms.

IndigoFingers helps do that by empowering you to provide comprehensive and standardized reports to those providing capital - similar to how our nation's public companies do every quarter!

Simple design

We've made it easy to upload your information and keep track of your progress. Our simple interface is a welcome change to the usual hassles of bank forms and documentation.

Capital Seekers

Looking for capital?

Using our reporting platform allows you to raise capital like any large public company by letting you compose filings you can then provide to those offering capital.

The information you provide serves to give the capital providers – whether they be debt or equity – a better understanding of your business so you can be matched with the best mix to fund your business initiatives.

And only you choose who sees your information!

Capital Providers

Reviewing Opportunities?

While traditional financial statements provide a level of insight, understanding the story behind the numbers and getting a more comprehensive view of your business partners can lead to more optimal allocation decisions. Public companies have their regular disclosures and now you can ask the same of private firms!

Our straightforward means of allowing you access to the reports provided by those seeking capital allows you review more than just the financial statements – it allows you to request and view as much information as would be provided by any public company.

Improve returns by improving decisions with IndigoFingers.

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Meet the team

Our board of advisors has some of the best minds in the industry.


With experience in both debt and equity markets, having worked for some of the world's most elite investors and small businesses alike, Lucas is the consummate businessman, always looking for ways to improve landscapes. With IndigoFingers, he saw an opportunity to provide investors with better depth of knowledge and businesses with better access to capital.


As one of the premier leaders in Fintech, Mr. Foster has been at the forefront of banking and analytics for close to two decades. As Chief Financial Officer of Kasasa, he has developed products for over $25 billion in client-held liability portfolios.


One of the premier followers of the Warren Buffett capital allocation philosophy and serving as a partner in the leading value investment fund in the state of Alabama, Mr. Falbe has researched, advised, and invested in a number of businesses across his career, developing a keen eye for value.


As founder and president of the premier whiskey distiller in the state of Indiana, Mr. Florance has first hand experience in the small business space and is providing key advisement on what matters to stakeholders seeking capital.


With a top-tier background in QSR operations, acquisition strategy, and financial engineering across North America, Mr. O'Brien has catalyzed and overseen the good to great transition for small and medium businesses.


With an eclectic history of idea generation and marketing savvy, Robert Rice brings a perspective few others can. He has designed and built technology-based platforms across a swath of industries while providing crucial insights for entrepreneurs in the U.S., UK, and Japan. As an expert in identifying the key connectors in human-digital interactions, Mr. Rice sees IndigoFingers as a crucial cog in the expansion of private market investment.

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Businesses who choose Indigo Fingers receive a number of benefits.

Get Lower Rates

Give Up Less Equity

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Raise More Money

Fix Operations

Standardize Workflow

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